Meet the Founder

  • Bryanté Craig

    Founder, CEO

The Meaning Behind Eleven Eleven Co.

Eleven Eleven Co is inspired by the angel number 11:11 which has been very prominent in my life. I have recently been faced with a lot of challenges that came at me really hard. It almost felt like things would never get better and every terrible thing that could happen to me kept happening. However, in the midst of this storm, the number 11:11 kept popping up everywhere. And ever since then, my life started to turn around. Things finally started to work out in my favor, life was overall better, and I was able to reach a level of peace in my life that I never thought was possible. For me, 11:11 was my sign that things would always get better no matter how hard life gets. It was a reminder that I am right where I am supposed to be. And with this brand, I hope to spread that message to others who may be struggling or need some encouragement. I hope you’ll find something on our website that resonates with your life journey! Thank you so much for the support! ~ Bry

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